Rural Water Supply & Sanitation

Rayagada District is situated about 450 KMs from state capital i.e. Bhubaneswar and extending west with a Latitude of 19.1710 East and Longitude of 83.4160 North. The geographical terrain of the district is almost hilly with a little plain area. The District is totally a ST District and one among the un-divided KBK District. This District has more ground water potential than surface water, as the dependence of surface water as drinking water is approximately 3%.

The ground water source either by spot sources in form of Tube well/Sanitary well/Dug wells/Percolation well or through Piped Water Supply System from deep bore wells either by external electrical energy or Solar energy (Solar Based Dual pump or replacement pumps) are the major source of drinking water in the District.

Further the Institutions like Schools & Colleges under ITDA, Panchayat Raj institutions like Block Office. G.P. Offices and other, Institutions have independent Water Supply systems operated and maintained by them only and in some cases maintained by RWS&S. Health institutions like PHCs and CHCs are having W/S System owned in maximum by them and in few cases maintained by RWSS, while spot sources like Tube wells are invariably maintained by RWS&S throughout the District.

Secondly in the District, in some villages Water Supply is executed and maintained by different NGOs like Gram Vikas, Harsa trust, and OTELP. Authorities like DKDA and LSDA under ITDA. Have their own water supply. Also few industries in the district namely Utkal Alumina at Tikiri , Kashipur draws surface water from Gadiamal Ghat near village Kodipari for both plant and drinking water

purpose for industrial use and through deep bore well inside plant area for drinking purpose. Similarly J K Paper Mills utilizes water of Nagabali river for both industrial and drinking purpose. The IMFA at Therubali use Nallah water through intake well near Therubali chowk for drinking water and for industrial use from intake well in Ghodanala near IMFA factory.

Further the repair and maintenance of PWS systems are being done by GPs in most cases and VWSC in some cases.

At present there are 526 nos PWS & SBWS Systems including OTELP, Projects , 14 Nos of Solar replacement PWS Systems and 451 nos of Solar Based Dual Pumps, 12512 nos of Spot sources (Tube Wells/Sanitary wells), 83 nos of OHT/ESR and OGR/UGR functioning in the District.

In the current financial year 35 nos of PWS Systems including 4 nos under RIDF, 2 Nos under 13th

FCA, 2 nos under DMF Fund and 1 no. OSPH&WC, 110 nos of Solar Dual pumps, 182 nos of Spot sources, 12 nos of OHT/ESR and OGR/UGR are ongoing. DPRs have been prepared by MaRs Engineering, Kolkota for Mega PWS Projects in B.Cuttack & Gunupur Blocks to cover 18 nos of GPs having a population of 82356 and 10 nos of GPs having a population of 40990 in respective Blocks (2011 Census). The estimated cost are Rs 109.00 Crores and Rs 70.34 Crores respectively, for which Administrative Approval yet to be accorded.

However the top most priority for 2017-18 is as follows.

To cover all the water scarcity, UPANTA and UPANTA like and PVTG habitations by

  • Solar Dual pump = 56 Nos
  • SBWS = 64 Nos
  • Tube wells/ Sanitary well / RCC Ring well/ Spring Collection Tank = 76 Nos
  • One Truck mounted Water Tanker 6000 litre capacity is procured in this financial year from D.M.F Fund.

Piped Water Supply to uncovered GP Headquarters.

Out of 21 nos, 2 nos namely Manusugoan of Kashipur Block & Turiguda of Chandrapur Block may be covered in this financial year, where dependable source have been developed.

Piped Water Supply to 7 nos of other villages where sustainable sources have been completed.

As on today’s 286 Villages in all the Blocks have been self declared ODF. So in this financial year we should take 41 villages having population more than 500 to cover either by Solar (if no electricity) or PWS by direct pump ( if energy source is available) for sustainability of ODF status.

Piped water supply to water quality affected villages-12 Nos and new PWS for the village -189 Nos is proposed in this plan.