Integrated Tribal Development Agency


The Integrated Tribal Development Project (I.T.D.P), Rayagada comprising of Rayagada Block came into existence on the 29th August 1974. Subsequently, the other three Blocks of Rayagada Sub-Division, namely Kolnara, K.Singpur and Kashipur were merged into it in the Year 1976. Since then Rayagada I.T.D.P. and Rayagada Sub-Division became geographically co-terminus. Consequent upon its registration under Registration of Societies Act, 1960, it has been recognized as Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA) from the year 1979-80. As an Agency, it has ensured greater decentralization and flexibility in decision-making in respect of Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes.

Special Central Assistance to Tribal Sub-Plan Area (SCA to TSP)

It is a Central Govt. Sponsored Scheme mainly aiming at up-liftment of socio- economic condition of the tribal population. This scheme consists of two sectors i.e. (i) Grant in Aid (GIA) & (ii) Creation of Capital Assets (CCA).

As per SCA to TSP Guidelines, minimum 70% of the total allocations are to be earmarked under GIA, in which, Financial Assistance to Self Help Groups (SHG), Skill Development Training/PLET to ST youths, Wadi Programme /Horticulture, Rubber Cultivation, Poultry etc are being taken up. The funds are being received from Govt. in SSD Department for this purpose under the Head Grant-in-Aid(GIA). In CCA sector, 30% of the total allocations can be provided as per SCA to TSP Guideline, in which, construction of Road, Bridge, CD works and other important infrastructure works is taken up which would provide direct benefit to the tribal populations. Funds are being received for this purpose under the Head Creation of Capital Assets (CCA).

Article 275 (I)

Under Article 275(I) of constitution of India, funding is being made directly for specific projects in the Sub-Plan area. This scheme consists of two sectors i.e. (i) Grant-in-Aid (GIA) & (ii) Creation of Capital Assets (CCA). Under Grand-in-Aid(GIA) fund is provided for implementation of Forest Right Act and Strengthening of ITDAs. Similarly, under Creation of Capital Assets(CCA), creation of infrastructure for promotion of quality education and repair and maintenance of existing school & hostel infrastructure, activities like connectivity works including village link road, culvert, small bridges, cross drainage works can be taken up.

Vanabandhu Kalyan Yojana (VKY)

Under the scheme, funds are being sanctioned by the Govt. for specific project in the Sub-Plan area. Under this sector, Quality & Higher Education, Electrification, Rural Infrastructure Development including Connectivity, Qualitative & Sustainable Employment & Accelerated Economic Development of Tribals, Creation of Irrigation facilities, Health for all, Safe Drinking Water, Sanitation, Urban Development and Promotion of sports activates are taken up. Vanabandhu Kalyan Yojana aims at creating enabling environment for need based and outcome orientated holistic development of the tribal people. This process envisages to ensure that all the intended benefits of goods and services under various programmes/schemes of Central as well as State Govt. actually reach the target group by convergence of resources.

Special Plan KBK

It is also a Central Govt. Sponsored Scheme specially planed for the KBK region. Construction of Hostel buildings for tribal Boys and Girls, opening of new schools, Construction of additional class rooms, infrastructure for up-gradation of High School to +2 College, Water supply and electrification of ST Girls Hostels under 1000 Girls Hostel Scheme, providing amenities, sports activities and other infrastructure development of tribal schools are being sanctioned under this scheme. In the year 2015-16 this scheme has been windup and subsequent Biju KBK Plan (State Sector) has been introduced with the same guidelines.

Left Wing Extremism (LWE) Districts.

This scheme has been implemented by the Govt. during the year 2009-10 in order to improve the literacy rate among the Scheduled Tribes and to reduce the dropout of S.T. Girls/ Boys in the districts affected by leftwing extremism. Under this Scheme, 66 Nos. of 100 seated hostels (22 hostels for ST Girls and 44 hostels for ST Boys) have been sanctioned for execution by this Agency. All the works have been completed in all respect.

State Plan

This scheme has been implemented by the Govt. for strengthening infrastructure developments of educational institutions like Construction of Hostels/Hostel Complexes for ST Girls & Boys/ Additional Class Rooms & Staff Quarters/Toilet & Bathing Complexes/ Electrification of Schools & Hostels and other infrastructure development of tribal schools.

Improvised cooking system in residential schools and hostels

This scheme has been implemented by the Govt. from the year 2014-15. The aim and objective of this scheme is to provide safe and hygienic cooked food to the students boarders residing in residential schools, development of kitchen infrastructure like separate room for kitchen with separate cooking and washing area, development of dining area for students consisting of seating spaces and raising platform for serving food, provision of improved cooking system like fuel efficiency chullas and other modern cooking system and provision of electric water purifiers in the hostels and in the dining areas.

Non Plan

Under this scheme, funds are being received from Govt. towards repair/maintenance/renovation/addition and alternation of school and hostel buildings of SSD Department.

Central Plan Scheme

Under this scheme, funds are being sanctioned by the Govt. towards construction of New Ashram Schools for strengthening of Educational Infrastructure for the Tribal Students. Further, funds are being sanctioned towards construction of Hostels, Additional Class Rooms, Staff Quarters, Boundary Wall for Boys/Girls Educational Complexes and up-gradation of Ashram Schools to High Schools.

Other schemes

This Agency also receive fund for execution of specific development projects under different schemes such as BRGF, Biju KBK (Dist. Sector), Biju KBK (State Sector), MPLADS, MLALADS, Special Problem Fund, Special Development Programme, Gajapati-Rayagada Circuit Development etc. Funds under the aforesaid schemes are being placed by the Funding Agencies directly against the specific projects.

Innovating works taken up by this ITDA.

Overhead Tank

For smooth pipe line water supply to hostel & schools, 11 Nos. of overhead tanks of capacity 40,000 & 50,000ltrs. has been constructed. These projects have been taken up under different schemes like Non-Plan and Special Plan KBK. All the projects are functioning smoothly. In other school the total water supply system has been united and all the bore wells has been connected to a common pond consisting of numbers of Sintex Tanks and all the supplies has been ensure from that pond. It will help the boarders when one motor will be out of order.

Safe Drinking Water Supply.

For supply of safe drinking water to the student boarders of ST & SC Development schools and hostels under ITDA, Rayagada 75 Nos. of Reverse Osmosis (RO) based drink water supply units have been installed in 63 Nos. of SSD run Schools or Hostels upto end of the financial year 2016-17. After installation of RO plants water burn diseases among the boarder of the schools has been reduced in a considerable nos and medicine expenditure has been reduced.

High mast light arrangement in SSD Schools/Hostel complex.

For safety and security of the boarder students of SSD schools and hostels provision of 135 Nos. of LED based high mast light in 53 Nos. of SSD School/Hostels have been made under State Plan scheme during the year 2015-16 and 2016-17. Due to installation of high mast light now boarders are free from fear of snakes and dogs. Further, due to supply of LED lights electric bill of the school has been reduced to a considerable amount.

Provision of supply of Generators to SSD Schools/Hostels.

In most of the schools of interior pockets are facing frequent power supply problems. For which the student boarder are facing a lot of difficulties. Keeping this in view 26 Nos. of Schools/Hostels has been supplied with silent Diesel Generator Sets of 2KVA capacity under State Plan scheme during the year 2015-16 and 2016-17. After installation of Generator in absence of electricity at interior pockets water supply system does not interrupted and at the time examination students are not facing power cut problem.

Construction of Kitchen and Dining Hall SSD Schools and Hostels.

Upto end of the financial year 2016-17, for safe cooking and dining 50 Nos. of Kitchen rooms and Dining Halls has been constructed in SSD run School and Hostels under this ITDA out of 58 Nos. of total schools. It has been proposed to complete the schools and Hostels in the financial year 2017-18.

Construction of Incinerator in Girls Hostels of SSD Schools.

For safe disposal of sanitary napkins used by the Girl boarders and to make environment clean and pollution free, incinerators have been construction in all (3 Nos) of Higher Secondary Schools and 13 Nos.of SSD run High Schools and Hostels under this ITDA.

Construction of Tribal World Outlet at Rayagada.

This project has been constructed by ITDA, Rayagada in the year 2015-16 utilizing the fund provided by the Director, TDCCOL, Odisha, Bhubaneswar. An amount of Rs 17.00 lakh has been received from TDCCOL end but Collector, Rayagada has been pleased to sanctioned an amount of Rs 18.00 lakh out of Biju KBK interest money available under this Agency in order to complete the project in all respect. The main purpose of this project is to sale the tribal products and attracts the local and foreign tourists towards tribal products. For this purpose one herbal garden is proposed to be constructed adjacent to the project and some sculpture arts have been installed.

Supply of Stainless Steel Dining Table to the SSD run Schools and Hostels.

In the financial year 2016-17 out of DMF grants 756 Nos. of Stainless Steel Dining Tables has been supplied to 45 Nos. of SSD run Schools and Hostels under this ITDA. After supplying the Dining Table problems of taking food under the tree and besides the road has been completed stop and students are feeling proud. Balance schools and hostels will be covered in the financial year 2017-18.

 Installation of Stainless Steel Mosquito Nets in Window of SSD run Hostels.

In the financial year 2016-17 out the DMF grants window of 35 Nos. of Hostels of 35 Nos. of SSD run schools of this ITDA has been installed with stainless steel mosquito nets to prevent free access of mosquitos and other incest into the Hostels to keep the premises healthy and hygienic. After installation, mosquito born vector diseases has been reduced.

Statutory meetings of ITDA

  • Project Level Committee Meeting – Quarterly
  • District Level Committee Meeting under FRC – Quarterly
  • District Level Monitoring Committee Meeting For Tribal Sub-Plan – Quarterly