To strengthen the Schooling system at Block level, Block Education Officers, ABEOs, ABEO-Cum-BRCC, CRCC structure has been reorganised, the Erstwhile District Inspector of Schools are substituted with Block Education Officers in our District, There were two District Inspector of Schools in two Sub-Divisional levels and now they have been substitutes by 11 Block Education Officers at Block Level with the smaller units. This new set has been adopted to strengthen the process of supervising and monitoring in the Schools in a streamlining effect. The crisis and problems at the grass- roots are to be readily addressed by the new structure in a more sensitized and protected manner.

The structure is given below for each block. (In 11 Block in our District)

  • Block Education Officer : OES-II : 01
  • Additional Block Education Officer, Sr.SES rank : 02
  • Additional Block Education Officer-Cum- BRCC, Sr.SES rank : 01
  • CRCC (Level-IV/ Level-V) : 17
  • Head clerk : 01
  • Senior Clerk : 01 ( Department of S & ME-cadre)
  • Junior Clerk : 01
  • Class –IV : 02


  • MIS Planning Coordinator : 01
  • Accountant-Cum-Supporting Staff : 03
  • Block resource Teachers : 2+ D.P.C, SSA
  • Class – IV : 01

PROJECT POSTS (Temporary engagement)

  • MIS Planning Coordinator : 01
  • Accountant-Cum-Supporting Staff : 03
  • Block resource Teachers : 2+ D.P.C, SSA
  • Class – IV : 01


The District Education Officer is the Nodal Officer, who is to function the School and Mass Education in the District under the Chairmanship of Collector and District Magistrate, Rayagada. He is the key person to shoulder on the responsibility of schooling activities on behalf of School & Mass Education Department, Govt of Odisha. As positioned on the pivotal-point the District Education Officer is to connect the Block level Educational activities to District and District level activities to State. He is to answerable and questionable for the fabric of social strings in the society for educational administration to the Govt of Odisha in S &ME Department.
The major intervention of Govt of India like Mid-Day-Meal, RMSA, INSPIRE, Girls incentives, Integrated Education for disable, Sakhyar Bharat (NLM), World Food Programme (WFP), UNICEF, UNESCO, WHO which have flagship programmes undertaken by Govt of Odisha.

RMSA –PROGRAMME (state-Center-Joint project)

  • Teachers Training Programme undertaken with advanced content and methodology subject wise and class wise for 694 teachers in the examinationable subjects like FLO,SLE,TL H/S , Math,GSC,SSC .
  • Science Equipmentation and library facilities to all 38 old Govt High Schools @10,000 /- last year.
  • Adequate number of Dual Desk and Benches to all 149 schools @ 1, 00,000/- per 33 sets expenditure
  • Annual School improvement grant and Minor repairing Rs. 50,000/- and 25,000/- ( 75,000) to all S&ME and SSD to all 177 schools.
  • Additional classroom, library room and sciece room to S &ME and SSD schools for 56 schools, 27 lakhs upto 50 lakhs per school. (Work Agency by RD&W.)
  • Opening of Upgraded High Schools in 96 G.P (High school less GP)
    1st Phase: 20 UGHS ;-@ 58.12 lakhs per school building (construction-by RD&W)
    2nd Phase: 49UGHS;- @ 69.70 lakhs per school unit (construction-by RD&W)
    3rd Phase: 02 UGHS;- @ 1.17 crores per school unit, special 11 Block Model Schools (3MS-as Central school pattern) @ 3.69 crores per each Model School.( Work Agency by RD&W, Rayagada)