District Planning Committee, Rayagada

The District Planning Committee at the level of every district has been constituted to consolidate the plans prepared by the Panchayats and the Municipalities in the district and to prepare a draft Development Plan for the district as a whole.

The District Planning Committee, Rayagada is the apex body of the district to approve the Perspective Plan and Comprehensive District Annual Plans, District Annual Plans under Biju KBK Plan, BRGF Plan and review the Plan expenditures of various schemes/programmes implemented in the district.

The District Planning Committee of the district consists of such number of members as specified in the ODPC Act, 1998 i.e., eighty percentum of the members shall be elected from amongst the elected members of the Zilla Parishad and the elected Councillors of the Municipalities/NACs in the district. A Minister in the Council Minister of the State shall be nominated by the Government who shall be the Chairperson and the Collector of the district who shall be the Member Secretary and two nos of members to be nominated by the Government from among the persons having knowledge in Planning, Agriculture, Economics, Irrigation, Education, Rural Development and Social Services. Besides, Hon’ble M.P and MLAs of the district are permanent invitees of the above committee.

Biju KBK Plan

With a view to continuing their increasing efforts as well as for maintaining the momentum gathered under the Revised Long Term Action Plan (RLTAP) and up-scaling the public investment in the Koraput-Bolangir-Kalahandi (KBK) region, the state Government have launched a new initiative, called “THE BIJU KBK PLAN” under state plan as a tribute to late Biju Pattnaik, former Chief Minister of Odisha who was the fast to articulate the need for long-term measures for development of the KBK region.

With a view to improving the quality of public investment and preparation of the District Action Plans under Biju KBK Plan, the Government have prioritized the following three major sectors namely: Bijili (i.e, village /rural electrification and street lighting), Sadak (i.e, construction of culverts, bridges and roads for improving inter-village and intra-village connectivity) and Pani (i.e. creation of irrigation and drinking water sources).However, other need based projects or programmes may also be undertaken under Biju KBK Plan depending on local demands.

Objectives of the Scheme:

The main objectives of this programme are as under:

Creating opportunity for economic, social and human development
Accelerating poverty reduction
Improving the quality of the life of the people
Mobilizing and empowering the rural people
This Programme also fill up the critical gaps left uncovered under BRGF